ARCUS Capital AG (ARCUS) is an independent private equity company that is located in Munich and was founded by entrepreneurs in 1994. The firm’s investment focus is on German-speaking medium-sized companies engaged in restructuring and growth phases. To date, ARCUS has successfully acquired several companies in various industries and stages of development.

Unlike traditional financial investors, who – focused on an early exit – generally act with a limited investment horizon and are mainly interested in the rate of return, ARCUS seeks to create long-term partnerships with the companies it holds stakes in.The firm’s goal is not just to provide equity capital, but to act as an “entrepreneurial partner” and bring in management know-how and capabilities to support the growth strategies of the  companies it invests in over the long term. In addition to its goal of increasing a company’s efficiency and productivity, ARCUS also works to support organic growth by acquiring companies with complementary business models.

The ARCUS team’s entrepreneurial background, wide-ranging operational expertise and extensive transaction experience ensure that the firm’s “entrepreneurial partner” role is performed effectively. In addition, the team also provides access to an international network.

ARCUS is managed independently and is owned by its partners. This allows investment decisions to be made efficiently, quickly and in a goal-oriented way.